The art of Dragon Ball

From July 1 to December 11, 2022

Every legend has an origin. In this case, the origin dates back to 1984, in distant Japan, and with a young man named Akira Toriyama as the protagonist.

The exhibition The Art of Dragon Ball aims to explore the origins of one of the most famous manga of all time, a work that is part of the collective memory of those young people of the 90s (now adults) and that has almost become in popular culture in our country. The exhibition has two different blocks, manga and anime.

In the manga part we will talk about the beginnings of the author, the inspiration that helped forge the story, its publication in the legendary weekly magazine Shonen Jump in Japan and its impact on our society. All this supported by material imported directly from the Japanese country, such as Shonen Jumps magazines from the 80s and 90s (with great covers), replicas of manga pages or the first editions that arrived in Spain in 1992 by Planeta DeAgostini.

The anime block has a clear educational focus and aims to answer the following question: How was the Dragon Ball cartoon series made? Through sketches, storyboards, celluloids and other original and imported material, we will delve into the production of the animated series, step by step.

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