Museo del cómic: exposición permanente

Permanent exhibition

A journey that ranges from the first publication positioned entirely in the field of graphic narrative (The Monigoty, 1897) to the most recent headers or characters. Without forgetting the first revelations of the medium, which date back to the mid-19th century.

A discourse that begins around 1865, in the first manifestations of the media, showing its graphic and conceptual evolution, its definitive expansion in the mid-20th century, with a turning point in the 1980s of the last century, when the Comic Strip comes of age and decisively enters the adult target.

Permanent exhibition content


About 1500 pieces among printed vintage publications and original work. A dual perspective that allows the visitor to observe in detail the original work of countless authors, as well as assess nuances and differences between the final art from the author’s pen and the printed comic.


Satirical Magazines – Weeklies – Confessional Publications – Adventure Comics – Post War Magazines – The Female Comic, etc., always maintaining a segmented and cyclical order.


The selection of headings provides the visitor with an accurate reading about the origin and evolution of the media, its different stages, formats and targets, the most outstanding creators –and others who were not so much–, the trends and sector habits, etc.

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