Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition proposes a journey that ranges from the first publication positioned entirely in the field of graphic narrative (The Monigoty, 1897) to the headers or characters of the most recent period. Without forgetting the first revelations of the medium in children’s and satirical magazines that date back to the middle of the 19th century. A speech that starts at those beginnings, in its first manifestations, going through its graphic and conceptual evolution, its definitive expansion in the middle of the 20th century, to end in the decade of the 80s of the last century, when the Cartoon becomes of age and enters decidedly into the adult target.


  • The Museum presents a journey with special emphasis on original work, hundreds of plates and drawings (covers and interior pages) accompanied by the corresponding printed publications. A dual reading that allows the visitor to observe in detail the original work of countless authors, as well as assess nuances and differences between the final art and the printed comic.
  • Satirical Journals – Weekly – Confessional Publications – Comics of Adventures – Post-War Magazines – Female Comics, etc., always maintaining a segmented and cyclical order.
  • The choice of headers provides the visitor with an accurate reading about the origin and evolution of the medium, its different stages, the formats and targets, the most outstanding creators – and others that were not so much -, the sectoral trends and habits, etc.
  • The tour also includes a large sample of objects and promotional items used by the medium in its commercial expansion: Inserts, Stickers, Posters, Cut-outs, Dioramas, Advertising, etc.


Other specific sections in preparation:

  • The big headers and characters
  • Barcelona as a locomotive of Spanish Comics.
  • Damn publishers.
  • Selecciones Ilustradas Space, the representative agency that changed the course of Comic books in the international arena in the hands of the editor Josep Toutain.