Museo del cómic: objetivos


Recover and preserve the heritage that Comic art and illustration represents in our country. An artistic legacy whose trajectory goes back more than 150 years ago.

Valuing both means of expression, of vital importance in the cultural, artistic and social formation of an important part of society.

Show to the different current and future generations all the keys to the graphic narrative: its history and evolution, its language and expressive variants, authors and publishers, etc.

A Museum as a space of memory, of cultural heritage, a center of exhibition and consultation, of conservation and study, of analysis and promotion. With a special objective: the recovery, restoration, cataloging and conservation of the original work of countless authors.

Periodic exhibitions that allow us to get closer to innumerable aspects of the art of comics: most prominent authors, characters, genres, graphic trends, publishers and schools, etc.

Debate through temporary exhibitions and meetings the constant evolution of the Comic as a cultural phenomenon, its complexity, its economic, technical, sociological and ideological dimensions.

In short, contribute from the Museum to the recognition of those who made and continue to make the art of Comic Strip possible.

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