Manuel Gago. Adventurous essence

Exposición Manuel Gago

From July 4 to October 4, 2020

The classic Spanish comic overflows with great names in the graphic section, virtuous of the brush that tipped over the comic a vocation that seemed to emanate from the very entrails.

One of them, perhaps the largest, at least in popular significance, was undoubtedly Manuel Gago García, father of characters such as El guerrero del Antifaz, El hombre de piedra, El Espadachín Enmascarado or El Pequeno Luchador, among others.

The author of the largest and fastest evolution of all who gathered in the post-war comics sector. In just one year he went from being a dubious aspirant, to distilling firmness and personality, creating his own distinctive and admirable style. A narrator with a sequential rhythm that hooked the reader from the first vignette. Also as a cover artist he was sublime. Pure adventurous essence.

A tribute exhibition that alternates the printed work of practically all of his creations with a varied representation of original drawings of many of his characters for publishers such as Toray, Valenciana and Maga.

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