In this course they will learn traditional illustration techniques. We will look for how to express the ideas and combine it to achieve exciting results.

We will apply traditional techniques and combine them to find the style that we like best.

PENCIL – we will learn the concepts of the sketch, the construction of bodies and settings working with perspective (without complicating life too much) and basic concepts of the narrative.

INK – we will work on the concepts of inking (lights, shadows, textures) and they will learn to use white spaces to build light.

WATERCOLOR – we will work on the resources of color as a means of information in an illustration and they will learn to look for shades for a specific objective.

ACRYLIC – we will work on the points learned previously and apply them to some comic pages or final illustrations.

Concepts to work:

  • Traditional techniques
  • use of color
  • Human figure
  • Creative process


From September 12 to December 20, 2023

From 8 to 12 years

Saturdays from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Price: 138€

All classes will take place in the Aula del Museu
(C/ Castillejos 52-54)


Enric Ejarque

Enric Ejarque

Enric Ejarque (Barcelona, 1998) played with colored pencils from a very young age and did not stop until his parents enrolled him in an art school.

He later began to study graphic design at the University of Barcelona but soon realized that he was not his place. He currently holds a graphic art degree from Joso School.

He is passionate about illustration and specifically comics.

He regularly collaborates in the press (El Correo, Ara) illustrating opinion articles. And as a colorist in children’s comics.