The Museum

It is the first national museum dedicated to recalling and disseminating comics and illustration in the maximum historical extension of both media.

It is a private, non-profit initiative headed by José Luis Villanueva and Paco Baena, media analysts and theorists, as well as passionate collectors.

The Museum is open to the collaboration or sponsorship of a public or private body that allows us the necessary resources to achieve the set objectives. So far, we have the invaluable support of the Sant Cugat del Vallès City Council.

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Objectives of the Museum


The Museum has an advisory committee composed of graphic historians, editors, essayists and popularizers of indigenous and international comics.


It seeks to be a space of memory and cultural heritage dedicated to comics, comics and Spanish comic strips with the preservation of original compositions from all over the country.


Discuss through temporary exhibitions and meetings the constant evolution of the Comic as a cultural phenomenon, its complexity, its economic, technical, sociological and ideological dimensions.


Periodic exhibitions that allow us to approach innumerable aspects of comic art: the most prominent authors, characters, genres, graphic trends, publishers and schools, etc.