El gall que cantà a mitjanit


Number of pages: 50

Size: 29 x 21cm

Printing in color (cover) and b/w (inside)

Catalan language

Authors: Esteve Polls (cartoonist) and Domènec Miquel (scriptwriter)

P.V.P. €15.00

The true story behind the legend of “Pedra i Sang”.

In 1350 one of the most remembered crimes in the history of Vallès was committed. Berenguer de Saltells, a nobleman from Cerdanyola del Vallès, murdered the abbot of Sant Cugat, Arnau de Biure, along with other representatives of the wealthy class of the region. The events occurred on an exceptional date and place: Christmas Eve, in the Monastery of Sant Cugat, while the abbot officiated at Midnight Mass.

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