From October 31, 2020 to May 30, 2021

Exhibition-tribute to the main superheroes through a collection of original drawings by the best current cartoonists in our country, who triumph in the USA drawing for Marvel and DC, as well as a sample of the history of heroes and superheroes of Spanish comics.

The origins of superheroes go back to the first decades of the twentieth century with the entry, in novels and serial serials, of characters with enigmatic identities and superhuman or magical powers, and later coinciding with science fiction. Although in the beginning some of these heroes did not have supernatural powers, the general perception is inclined to classify them as superheroes, as would be the case of The Phantom or Batman. In principle, the success of the story could be understood as an escape from the immovable daily reality to later become a fantastic genre in which there are no limits. With the new advances in the physical sciences and technology, between the late twenties and early thirties and mainly in the United States, a science fiction genre based on space travel was created. Thus, in 1928 Buck Rogers appeared, Brick Bradford in 1933 and Flash Gordon in 1934. From 1938, with Superman, an era of comics superheroes began that continues to this day with a loyalty from its readers that very few genres have gotten.

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